Life is beautiful, yet there are many times that we can find ourselves overwhelmed with what it brings. Even when we feel like we’ve got everything under control, something can happen that eats up our time, energy, and physicality. During those times, I find that if haven’t given myself short bursts of recovery during the week, I can be at risk of completely shutting down and even having to rest for days at a time before I can get back to feeling myself again. Though it’s impossible to predict when life will give you it’s hardest hit, there are some benefits to staying in constant reflection and affirmation in those more pleasant moments:


1. Deliberately prepare your mind for the day each morning.

I start my day with prayer and meditation, and it helps set the tone for the rest of the day. I like to spend at least a few minutes both meditating on the needs of myself and others, and being thankful for what I have.

2. Take a break.

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to get outside and take a walk or have lunch outside of our worspace but it is so important to do that. It allows the body and mind to disconnect from a stressful environment, and since walking helps with breathing and heart rate, bloodflow begins to circulate more optimally.

3. Allow yourself to be human.

It can feel disheartening when we aren’t able to control our emotional state or level of stress. But sometimes we have to greet those feelings head on to be able to deal with them and move forward. Give yourself a moment to feel each emotion and allow yourself to unpack the emotion, tying it to a particular moment or situation. The acknowledgement of the feeling helps us to become more aware of ourselves and things that trigger certain emotions.

4. Rejuvenate your senses

Whether it’s applying a face mask, taking a hot shower or just going to bed a little bit earlier, do something that makes you feel revitalized and cleansed.


I like to make a habit out of going through these four steps each day, and I’ve seen overall growth in my awareness of self and my reaction to different situations. It has also helped me to remain present in the presence of others and to be more aware of their needs. It’s important to form positive habits, so that when times get difficult, you’ve got solid habits that allow a safe space for personal reflection and healing.

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