My new found frames!

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I’ve been wearing Warby Parker frames since 2014. I remember the first pop-up shop that opened in Tribeca. I went in, and was overtaken by the abundance of stylist, reasonably priced frames. I had been used to big-box retailers and I loved that the frames, even without vision insurance, were competitively priced. In 2014, I needed new frames stat in preparation for attending a wedding, and I couldn’t wear contacts for a while because of an issue I had. I went to the Warby Parker location in Soho and was delighted to find that they also had eye doctors in-house. I decided to get an exam, as well as new frames, because of the price and the option to have them shipped within 1 week. I ordered the Kimball frames. I’ve gotten endless compliments on them. But after almost 3 years of wear and tear, the outer plastic had become cloudy and a new prescription was way overdue.

Let me also give you some background about my obsession with black and white frames. I met Carla Hall in 2016, on the streets of Soho. Besides being my apparent doppleganger (she actually asked me if people said we looked alike, which they have been telling me for 10 years), she had on the most gorgeous frames. They were black and white, with a giant octagon outer lens encasing. I fell in love, not only with her because she’s fantastic, but also with those glasses. Oprah has also been killing it in the glasses department. I’ve been wearing glasses since the third grade, so I’m always excited to see fashionable prescription frames.

I’ve spent the last year looking for the perfect frame. I know, as well as I’m sure many of you do, that once a person starts wearing glasses, it becomes “their look.” You can’t really picture the person without them. For this reason, I think it’s so important to pick a pair that suits you and your personality, and elevates your look as well. So, after 1 whole year of going to shop after shop in New York City, I finally spotted the Warby Parker Oscar frames at their Rockefeller Center location. It was love at first sight. They also passed my “hubby test.” He generally has good intuition about styles that suit me. That was it — I scheduled my eye appointment and a week after that, I had my beloved new frames.

You can probably already tell that I love them. I really do. They give me a little extra that little extra something on normal days, and I feel that they elevate my look. Bonus points that they are prescription. My only qualm is that 1) my prescription is a bit off, so I’m going to have to get it adjusted, and 2) the frames are a bit loose on my nose (I had that problem with the Kimball’s as well, and Warby Parker is more than happy to address any issues with frames and prescriptions within 30 days of receiving them).

Here are some photos of how they look on me:

Let me know if you love them too? And,if you’ve tried Warby Parker–what was your experience?

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