Wedding Season Series: Shoes

It’s wedding season! And it’s (almost) all about the shoe.

Ah, March. It’s peak wedding season. After the holidays end, and Easter is just around the corner, an avalanche of wedding invitations are being sent around the globe. And now that I’m 2.5 years of marriage, I’ve decided that it might be nice to share my wedding planning stories with you. This series is for anyone who is planning their wedding or might be curious about all of the craziness surrounding wedding planning, and what to expect. In this series, I’ll cover a bit of everything I experienced while planning a wedding in what I’m calling the the Wedding Season Series.


Last week, my husband surprised me with tickets to see “Once on this Island” on Broadway (a fabulous show and one that I’d actually performed in in high school). I was deciding what to wear and remembered my wedding shoes! That night, I shared my shoes on my Instagram stories, and many of you voted for me to share my wedding shoe story. So here it is:


The Shoe Journey

I got married in June of 2015, and in early March, I decided to purchase my wedding shoes. I spent hours on Pinterest finding inspiration for my special day. I considered a large swath of shoe designers. I’d already purchased my dress, which was beaded and a flattering shade of pale champagne with blush undertones. So, I couldn’t consider white or silver shoes (the beading was pearl and gold), and my dress was pretty blingy so I didn’t consider a pop of color. I’d fallen in love with a dress before I considered how difficult it would be for me to find a shoe to pair with it. Surprisingly, the flats I wore at my wedding were not my first choice. I had originally fallen head over *heels* for these antique gold Oscar de la Renta Ambria 100mm works of art. They were a very “hot” shoe in the spring of 2015. My husband approved of them.


You can almost hear harps playing softly. Look at these shoes!! Just gorgeous. Fantastic. They were everything I wanted for my *Castle in Harlem* themed wedding. We wandered over to Madison Avenue on a warm day in April, and excitedly approached a salesperson at Oscar de la Renta to show us the section where we could find the Ambria cage peep-toe heels. I tried on two styles, as well as a pump version. But, we decided on the original style that I had fallen for. I purchased the shoes in my size, which had to be shipped from California. (Meanwhile, my dress wasn’t scheduled to be delivered for another month. More on that later). As we were leaving, the salesperson reminded us that once we picked them up, we had 7 days to return them for a full refund. Mind you, this was the last pair in the United States in my size.


I’m a happy camper. My shoes are arrived and within only a few weeks, my beloved dress will arrive. I pick up the shoes a week later, and then proceed to wait a few weeks for my dress to arrive so that I can see how everything looks together! The dress arrives, and I practically run home and rip the box open (I had gotten it shipped to my job at the time), and hurry to try everything on together. And then, reality sets in. I’d ordered a tall dress. But, unfortunately wedding dress makers (either to save material or to frustrate tall women), can sometimes come up a little short for us height-blessed girls. So, after MONTHS of anticipation, I try the dress on and I just knew–I KNEW that the dress would be a bit short. I tried everything on anyway.


I’m not sure that match could get anymore perfect. I loved that the shoes were beaded and the antique baroque leaf detail within the appliqués (which were flexible) played so well with the beading on the dress!

The Fail

So I get everything on, including my volume-inducing crinoline slip, and of course–the dress is hovering about 4 inches from the ground. Maybe 3. Maybe…3. Sigh. I was so sad about this. All of this anticipation, all of this searching. I’m stuck with a four-figure priced dress, and a pair of similarly priced shoes that I can’t wear with it. I’ve also now passed my 7-day return limit *shakes fist at Oscar de la Renta’s corporate office* (and at my dress designer for that matter).



The Solution

So, what’s a girl to do? My wedding was now less than two months away and I had to start my shoe search all over again. And this time, with a height requirement on the heel. I decided to search first for kitten heels (which weren’t in fashion yet), and started looking for the Manolo Blahnik (Carrie shoe) in an antique shade of bronze. I couldn’t find a kitten heel in my size and time was a-ticking. I began to look at flats. I finally spotted a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps in antique gold, and with a cluster of crystals in front, that seemed to meet my color requirement. I then noticed that it also came as a flat! I was so excited and with my time crunch, decided to just order them online. These Jimmy Choo Gayne Jeweled Point-Toe flats arrived at my office a few days later.



Although I had imagined myself in heels on my wedding day, I was starting to wonder–would I want to wear heels for 16 hours on my wedding day? The dress was pretty heavy. I loved the pointed-toe detail at the front of the shoe, and the crystals added to perfect amount of drama at my toe. I was satisfied, and best of all, my dress was no longer too short at the front.





A few helpful tips:

1. You don’t find the perfect shoe, the perfect shoe finds you. Kidding, unless you already know which shoe you want (which may or may not actually fit), it will take a lot of hunting to find the right show. But, it’s also great to consider a pair you can wear after the wedding.

2. Don’t forget comfort. I know, I know. It’s your wedding day. But if you’re wearing the heaviest dress you’ve ever worn in your life (like I did), it won’t be fun to teeter around on stilettos. But, I almost did!

3. Don’t underestimate a flat or kitten heel. Regardless of how tall you are, your wedding shoes will be hidden for most of the night anyway. I know a lot of people who have gotten married in a nice, dainty sandal. And they danced the entire night away.

4. Take the return policy seriously. Try to avoid what I couldn’t, if you can, order shoes that more than a 1-week return policy. Or, shop at a big-box retailer that carries the same shoe so that you’ll have more leeway if your shoe doesn’t work.

5. At the end of the day, just do what works for you. Weddings are only one day. It’s totally fine if your wedding shoe doesn’t give you everything you imagined it would. And if it does, give yourself a nice pat on the back for picking a winning shoe.


Happy Wedding Planning!


What did you think of my wedding shoe hunt? Share your thoughts below. Also, are you planning your wedding and considering the perfect shoe? Leave a comment and let me know how it’s going!

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