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I’ve gone back and fourth in my mind about what I’d like to communicate. Why, in 2018 have a blog? Are blogs done? I’m not sure. I don’t read them often, but when I do, I’m always really engaged with the author, and in their perspective. So, I guess thats what I’d like to bring to you.


Next May (if I can stop procrastinating and finish my last 3 projects of the semester), I’m on track to graduate from Parsons School of Design with an MFA in Interior Design. Art school, experienced through the lens of a black student matriculating at one of the most prominent campuses in the world, has been a place of growth and expansion. I’ve realized how much knowledge I have been able to tap into. As someone who has always been obsessed with arts culture, but not sure how to express my own individual style and aesthetic, I finally feel like I have a place in the conversation.

Now that I am moving closer to graduation, and my studies are becoming more individualized, I’m hoping (*crosses fingers*) that I can post more often, and be more critical of the design world and of myself. I’d love for you to join me in the conversation. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss! Looking forward to getting into it.